Saturday, September 10, 2011


365-91 Rain
Day 091/365 - First picture

It has been over 15 years since I worried about the aperture and shutter speed when taking photographs, having taken a Photography 100 type of course in college to break up the tedium of graduate coursework.

I contemplated fiddling with my camera's manual settings for about a year now and have had my camera for nearly 3 years, a gift from my father who bought it with the hope that I would grow into it.

Father, the sleeper has awakened!

365-91 Downtown Posts
Day 091/365 - Posts Downtown Cleveland, not Arrakis

Back to my mundane life...

My first wade into the kiddie pool has been interesting. I realized quickly that I may need to lug around a tripod if I want to take the pictures I really desire. While I have seen some very nice blurred pictures; logically, motion blur works when something that can potentially move is captured.

365-91 Rocco Shortrib Food Truck
Day 091/365 - Hot, hot, hot!

DSLRs are fantastic for the student. Having instant verification is of tremendous help -- no more lag time and uncertainty returning to the dark room to process the negatives. Mistakes don't seem as costly, even though those pearls are lost when photographs are poorly executed regardless of method.

Developing negatives was a stressful yet somewhat meditative experience for me. I was always afraid that I would mess up hours of work to find out I miscalculated something during processing, or my film was bad or exposed, all of which happened.

I have a feeling there is no comparison with the clarity of real, very large scale photographs.

- Cassaendra

2 deep thoughts:

Mrs. L 13 September, 2011 18:25  

HA! I still haven't gotten out of automatic mode with my Canon. One of these days.

And...FOOD TRUCK!!! :)

Cassaendra 13 September, 2011 23:16  

Hi Mrs. L,

Yeah...well, I ruined a bunch of cute pictures of Akemi that I would have gotten if I had only used the auto mode. :(

I am a sucker for food truck food! You are in an area with a rich food truck culture - I am so jealous!! Which one is your favorite?

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