Saturday, July 16, 2011

Lobster Roll

365-34 ABP Lobster Roll
Day 034/365

When I read the order form at Au Bon Pain to select a sandwich, my eyes were drawn to a new item that was starred: Lobster salad sandwich. I had to try one or three out with cucumbers (free add-on).

Most menu items cost anywhere between $1.99 for a simple bagel, to $8.00 for a crafted sandwich with premium [paid] extras. Imagine my surprise when I looked up at the menu board, after ordering one, to discover that it costs $12.99. It is a good price for a lobster sandwich, yet, the price was still a bit startling.

365-34 ABP Lobster Roll Sawed
Day 034/365

I must apologize for the messy appearance of the cross section. My only weapon on hand was a very small and flimsy plastic saw I did, tearing apart the croissant and squishing the sandwich.

Au Bon Pain was not stingy with the filling. Thankfully, there were no pieces of celery, onions, etc. in the "salad," just mayonnaise, so I could actually taste the lobster. Alone, without mayonnaise, the lobster has a rather poor texture, as if they were previously frozen.

It still is a delicious sandwich, and something I would order again!

- Cassaendra

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Mrs. L 26 July, 2011 01:05  

Love lobster rolls. There is a food truck that sells them around here. Yes, a food truck. Somewhere around $16 a sandwich. Yes. $16 for something off a food truck. But it's AWESOME. (the truck is part of a restaurant that is well known out her for their lobster rolls).

Cassaendra 01 August, 2011 00:07  

Hi Mrs. L,

Wow, $16 is a lot more than what one would expect for a food truck order that doesn't have you balancing a plate, boat, utensils, and a cup in your mouth.

However, a good lobster roll is gonna cost $$. Would love to check that out some day!

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