Thursday, July 7, 2011

Cold Storage III

Being someone who despises sunny, hot, and humid weather, today was pleasantly tolerable - low 80s(°F), lower humidity, a slight breeze, and a thin veil shielding us from the sun. A wonderful surprise would have been temperatures in the 50s(°F), rain, and a brisk breeze.

We paid another visit to what remains of the Cleveland Cold Storage building (2nd visit, 1st visit). It is now more rubble than its former self.

365-26 Look Ma No Tower

The water tower skedaddled. It was there yesterday morning, and vanished that afternoon; nary a trace of its existence to be found. Brenda's prediction must have come true! The tower really was an evil war machine! It must have left to take over something a little more challenging than an eroded building in a crumbling Buffalo.

365-26 Cold Storage Chomp

Heaps upon heaps of structural cabling were set aside like a wreath, as if paying respects to itself.

365-26 Electron Microscope

It reminded me of electron micrographs of stuff that you don't want to know exists -- on your lips after your kid has given you a sloppy kiss having just a few seconds previous licked the waxy smear off a public transportation window, on door handles exiting restaurant bathrooms, ...


- Cassaendra

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