Sunday, July 31, 2011


365-50 Electric Boots Aloft
Day 050/365

Until moving here, I had never seen shoes tied and hung from electric lines before. Where I grew up, electric, telephone, and television cables were maintained underground.

It wasn't until today, prompted by taking this picture, that I finally remembered to look up "shoes power lines" and discovered the term for this activity: shoe tossing or shoe flinging.

Reasons apparently vary from a man celebrating losing his virginity to signifying a crack house, graduating from school to mourning the dead (deceased's shoes are flung).

Aside from mourning the dead, someone out there is missing a pair of shoes. Hopefully it didn't occur in the dead of winter unexpectedly.

- Cassaendra

4 deep thoughts:

Michael 31 July, 2011 23:20  

(sigh)... what a waste!

Cassaendra 02 August, 2011 22:23  

I know, yah?

Mrs. L 05 August, 2011 13:52  

I've always lived where the lines were above grown so I've been seeing this stuff since I was a kid. I had NO IDEA it actually meant something. I just always thought it was kids being kids!

Cassaendra 08 August, 2011 23:22  

Howdy Mrs. L,

I was quite surprised myself that there was some significance, aside from bullying/kids having fun.

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