Saturday, July 2, 2011

Gills Again I Land

The caps have bloomed to provide shelter from the elements, namely dog pee, for a colony of ants, flies, and miscellaneous insects.

Bug has been patient with my fungi fascination, and even took some fantastic pictures (a and b).

365-21a Mushroom

Akemi has been a trooper, too. She waits off to the side patiently and has yet to tear into these creepy caps as I have taken upwards of 75 pictures.

365-21b Mushroom Dog

Three posts on these same grouping of mushrooms? This probably seems somewhat obsessive. My experience each time I've seen mushrooms has been those bulbous mushrooms that pop up fully assembled.

365-21c Mushroom Underbelly

When I first saw these guys, they sat like egg sacs that grew into hobbit-like abodes, then stretched out into something peculiarly graceful.

365-21d Mushroom Bug

I will be sad to see them wither away into shriveled carcasses.

365-21e Mushroom family

Of course, how could I possibly not mention of one of my favorite bands from the 1980s, Tones on Tail, with their song, "Slender Fungus." Their album, Pop, is one of my favorites, but I must admit that the song isn't on my list of desert island classics. However, I will not deny that the song is unique and memorable.

- Cassaendra

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