Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Everything Nicey

I love kettle chips. Target's Archer Farms chip section is a weakness of mine due to its ever-changing variety, which can sometimes result in high drama. One has to learn to become detached or suffer grief time and time again.

Bug loved, and I do mean LOVED, their wasabi kettle chips. This affair did not last very long as the bags disappeared off the shelf about a year ago. He continues to mourn the loss of his beloved.

Today, I tried their Sweet and Spicy Thai-Style Chile kettle chips.

365-25 Archer Farms Thai Chips

The chips were crisp, as expected, upon opening. As with all Archer Farms chips, there is a silly plastic grip-seal that runs along the majority of the width of the bag to prolong the life of the chips upon repeated trips to the bag. Really? People actually put the bag down and don't consume it all in one sitting?!? Of course, I jest. It survives two chip attacks.

I'm not sure if it's the result of the 80+% humidity the past few weeks, but with each subsequent session I have found that the chips turn stale quite drastically. Therefore, by utilizing maximum tastiness logic, one must eat these chips in one (1) sitting.

365-25 Archer Farms Thai Chip Bag

The photograph on the bag does not do the chips justice. There is a noticeable difference, even with my rather rudimentary picture taking skills.

The chips are tangy, salty, sweet, and have a wee bit of a zip. I'm not sure from where the Thai inspiration comes, unless it's the chile. If you like barbecue potato chips, I am confident you will like these chips.

- Cassaendra

2 deep thoughts:

Mrs. L 09 July, 2011 21:29  

Quite frankly, I'd take chips over chocolate, ice cream, cookies, cake or candy. Seriously love my salt. Chips rock.

But I've never bought chips from Target! I'm a horrible chip person! That must be remedied. I must buy a bag of each to try all the current flavors in case they go away. :)

Cassaendra 10 July, 2011 09:19  

Hi Mrs. L!

You'll be surprised at how many different flavors they have. Plus they make baked chips and tortilla chips. Not all flavors work for me though. Macaroni and cheese was meh. :x

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