Sunday, January 29, 2012

Flip Flop

Yesterday, it snowed the first half of the day.  By mid-afternoon, the snow disappeared. This morning, it was sunny and clear.

With the sun's rays beaming unobstructed and the relatively warm temperature this afternoon, we decided to stop by Target to pick up a box of tea. When we arrived at the register to pay for the 9 items we suddenly decided we had to have, Bug suggested that I take a look out the window.  

365-210 The Wall Front
Day 210/365 - Waiting for me

It took a few seconds for me to register the wall of white. The weather flipped, as if someone pushed the lever to the next image on a View Master. The car was blanketed in white fluff as if we were in the store for hours.

When I carry my camera, I tend to lag behind to take pictures. With icy gusts roaring, Bug wasn't about to foolishly stand out in the open waiting for me. He sought shelter from the wind at every opportunity.

365-210 The Wall Side
Day 210/365 - Caught up

Akemi appeared unaffected in her thick winter coat. Actually, she enjoyed chasing after the leaves and rubbish that raced by.

I am excited about one of the books I picked up today, "The Art of French Baking," because I adore madeleines, macarons, and choux pastries.  If the recipes work out, I'll write about them. Hopefully I'll have an opportunity to take some pictures of the results before they are gobbled up.

- Cassaendra

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