Saturday, January 28, 2012


"Schizophrenic" best describes our weather this winter -- 50s Fahrenheit one day, then 20s the next day.

365-209 Snow Road
Day 209/365

We woke up to warm temperatures just above freezing with a feather-like snowfall over the span of several hours. By mid-afternoon, the snow machine ceased blowing, the snow had almost all melted, the wind picked up intensity, and the temperatures dropped into the 20s Fahrenheit.

365-209 Puffy Southside Stacey
Day 209/365

Aside from creating a picturesque winter wonderland, road conditions were slick which resulted in an abundance of automobile accidents judging by the nearly continuous wails of emergency sirens all day.

365-209 Puff Akemi
Day 209/365

It was a nice day to remain locked away at home.

- Cassaendra

2 deep thoughts:

Michael 29 January, 2012 00:35  

Your sidewalks must be a real treat to walk on when it ices over.

Cassaendra 29 January, 2012 16:09  

Hi Michael,

Always...the streets are fun, too. :)

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