Saturday, January 28, 2012

Dinner and Two Shibas

After a day of shopping for groceries and running errands last weekend, we returned home to a voice mail message from Bear's dad, our neighbor, inviting us to dinner and a shiba playdate. The idea is funny when you consider shiba are quite aloof.

Our meal consisted of bread with Mackenzie Creamery goat cheese with cognac figs, salad greens, and Brazilian stroganoff.

Dinner at Brians Cognac Fig Goat Cheese
Mackenzie Creamery goat cheese with cognac figs

As I mentioned in a recent post, our introduction to Mackenzie Creamery took place 2 years ago when I was looking for an unusual pairing by Jeni's, a Columbus ice cream shop, at the grocery store ice cream case. Goat cheese with cognac figs sounded interesting enough. I really did enjoy the ice cream, but at $10 a pint it is a bit too luxurious for us to buy with any regularity.

SBear's dad receives deliveries from a CSA year-round. In one of his recent shipments, he received some beautiful salad greens.

Dinner at Brians Salad

The slight bitterness and texture of the greens paired marvelously with the warm, sweet stroganoff.  The velvety stew was prepared with onions, garlic, beef, mustard, ketchup (tomato paste), oregano, cream, and hearts of palm (in place of mushrooms).  I look forward to our attempt making this dish!

Brazilian stroganoff

It was nice to be able to kick back with someone who understands shiba and kindly took the time to prepare a delicious meal. Perusing the Momofuku Milk Bar cookbook was cool, too.

What about pictures of the doggie playdate?  Bear and Akemi acknowledged each other's presence -- no wrestling, no tumbling, no fighting, no smooching. Akemi ate some of Bear's kibble, burped, and wandered around the house, while he quietly observed us from the vantage of his sofa.

- Cassaendra

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