Monday, January 23, 2012

Chevre Day

We recently had dinner at our neighbor's house and were reminded of Mackenzie Creamery's cognac fig chevre, which was served with bread. 

365-204 Cognac Fig Apricot Ginger 
Day 204/365

Our first taste of their cognac fig goat cheese came in a pint of Jeni's Mackenzie Creamery cognac fig ice cream two years ago. At the time, I enjoyed the ice cream but felt it was a bit too pricey.

Fast forward two years later, Bug thoroughly enjoyed the cognac figs at dinner so we set out to purchase some for ourselves the next day. The cognac figs are not as sweet and more textured by nature of the fruit, while the ginger is subtle with the vibrant apricots.

The natural slight sourness paired with the lightly sweetened fruits makes a delicious and indulgent appetizer and dessert spread on sour dough bread, multigrain crackers, waffles, or just licked off a spoon.

- Cassaendra

Mackenzie Creamery
P.O. Box 325
Hiram, OH
Tel: 440-226-0772

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