Monday, January 16, 2012

Dead Calm

365-198 Dawn
Day 198/365

Dead calm of dawn.

- Cassanedra

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Brenda Holloway 17 January, 2012 07:22  

BOC's Cold Grey Light of Dawn :)

Beautiful photograph! Love the Moon.

Cassaendra 17 January, 2012 18:09  

Hey Brenda~

Thanks! That would have been a better, more descriptive title!

Envy your use of HDR on your photos. :)

Brenda Holloway 17 January, 2012 19:10  

Doesn't work with the Moon in the picture, it moves incredibly fast so exposures don't line up correctly if they include any background, you're out of luck.

Why can't you do HDR? Just need to take the same picture three times! With different exposures! Then combine them in GIMP.

Cassaendra 17 January, 2012 19:53  

The only place I've seen 1/2 of the HDR process is the latest full version of Photoshop. My father has it, but I don't as it is far from affordable! As a result, I've already forgotten what the other program is...

Brenda Holloway 17 January, 2012 20:13  

I use GIMP. It's free, open source, works on Windows, all sorts of good stuff. The HDR script is a free add-on.

I've never been able to even think of affording Photoshop. I used a slightly shady version back in the CE days but eventually decided to go legit with open source alternatives.

Cassaendra 17 January, 2012 20:25  

Well, if it's free to try, I might as well check it out! Thanks for the tip-A!! ;)

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