Monday, January 2, 2012

Eat Snow

365-185 Not Monorail Squirrel
Day 185/365

Dog rang the bell.
Woke up. Dog rang the bell again.
Cat meowed.
Shuffled to the bathroom.
Cat followed. Dog sat at bowl.
Fed the dog. Fed the cat.
Dog burped.
Leashed the dog.
Looked outside. Squirrel on a chair.
Picked up boots. Looked outside. Squirrel on a chair. Yelled for a camera.
Squirrel stopped eating snow. One eye stared back.
Husband stumbled with the camera.
Squirrel on the railing.
Took a picture. Then another. And another.
Dog whimpered at the door. Husband paced. Dog paced.
And another.
Laced boots.
Slung camera over shoulder. Raced outside.
It's cold.

- Cassaendra

2 deep thoughts:

Mrs. L 13 January, 2012 15:29  

This made me smile (and yes, I'm always yelling for someone to grab a camera...usually after whatever I wanted to take a photo of has happened...)

Cassaendra 17 January, 2012 20:24  

Tee hee! It's like getting an iPhone, nifty computer, etc. Once you've bought it, it's outdated. I really wanted to get a shot of that squirrel sitting on a chair eating snow.

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