Saturday, February 14, 2009

Hooked on Hermes

While I absolutely adore and frequently use my grey Hermès corded briefcase that my stepmother gave to me as a gift, I am referring to Hermes House's cookbooks.

Since our acquisition of 400 Sauces, we've been pretty impressed with their cookbooks. Even though we don't follow the recipes exactly, they are wonderful inspirations.

Newly acquired cookbooks

Three more acquisitions for $4.99 each...
:: 400 Best-Ever Budget Recipes
:: Baking
:: Cook's Kitchen Handbook

They have step-by-step and beautiful final product photos for each recipe. I also appreciate the nutritional information printed in Budget Recipes.

I feel I should mention that these books are printed in the UK so some of the recipes are interesting. "Toad in the Hole" is a classic comfort food made with pork sausage, and there are a large number of lamb recipes of which several use lamb kidneys and liver. It's amusing that a dish labeled as "comfort food" is nonexistent to my western upbringing. I was exposed to goat and lamb when I was in college, eating at Greek and Indian restaurants. I've always found those meats to be exotic and fairly expensive, not something I'd find in a budget recipe book! I'm excited to try the flatbreads with spicy lamb and tomato and the aubergine (eggplant) pilaf with cinnamon and mint.

The streets are quiet and the snow is lazily tumbling in tattered puffs...

CD on repeat today ~
Filigree & Shadow by This Mortal Coil

- Cassaendra

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