Sunday, February 8, 2009

Cream Slush, Ep. 2

This is the conclusion of my Sonic cream slush series (lol). It didn't take very long because I only tried 3 of the remaining 4.

The Lemon berry cream slush was really sour and the strawberry bits would interfere with my consumption of that sour flavor I didn't care for. After 3-4 sips, I handed the cup to Bug. He seemed to enjoy it.

Lime cream slush was weak. I'll need to try this again some time to make sure this wasn't a fluke. It was not as sour as the lemon berry cream slush, and had a li hing powder essence.

Cherry cream slush tasted like a light maraschino cherry shake. Straight from the window to my lips, the slush didn't taste very good. However, once I let it sit in the refrigerator overnight and drank it the next morning, I enjoyed it more. Oops, I forgot to take a picture.

Judging by my reaction to the lemon berry cream slush, I am going to skip the lemon cream slush.

Now that this rudimentary analysis is over, I can go back to drinking stuff off the Happy Hour menu, and occasionally treat myself to a grape cream slush.

- Cassaendra

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