Monday, February 2, 2009

Cream Slush, Ep. 1

Since we've located a nearby Sonic ~30 miles away, we've been going there an average of 4 times a week.

Bug loves the cherry limeade so there's no way he'll order anything different to drink. Their cherry limeade is indeed a refreshing and unique drink made with of maraschino cherry syrup, Sprite, and a whole fresh squeezed lime poured over crushed ice.

Other than the cherry limeade, I've tried the cranberry and strawberry limeades. The cranberry limeade uses cranberry cocktail, Sprite, and fresh squeezed lime, poured over crushed ice. The flavor is a bit thin, so it was like drinking a pink-red tinted fruitier Sprite with lots of lime, which isn't saying it was bad.

The strawberry limeade is good, since there are chunks of strawberries, which is also it's downfall as the fruit chunks get stuck under the straw. It's also rather sweet.

The last 4 times we've gone to Sonic, or the past 1 week, I thought of trying their cream slushes. The Happy Hour 1/2-price deal does not apply to the cream slushes.

Strawberry cream slush is like eating a strawberry sundae through a straw minus the nuts. I really like how much strawberry stuff is put in this drink. Thus far, it's my favorite of the ones I've tried despite the occasional ear-popping strawberry chunks.

Grape cream slush was like drinking creamy grape Crush without the fizz. I actually liked it because it was different. How often does one come across a grape shake? This is another flavor I'll quickly return to.

Orange cream slush tasted like a creamier Orange Julius without the orange bits. It was a bit subdued for my taste. I would prefer the orange be more noticeable. Maybe I had a weak drink.

Blue coconut cream slush is interesting. Having spent over 2 decades in Hawaii, I thought I saw every type of coconut. Apparently, I did not. The blue coconut had an initial sourness, then a light brownish sweet flavor, similar to tamarind. If you are ever hankering for a tamarind cream slush, order this slush. Oh, and don't worry if you see moss green poop the next day, it's just the food coloring and not you turning into the Thing from Another World.

I still have lime, lemon-berry, cherry, and lemon cream slushes to try. Barring measurable amounts of snow, which would make the trip over an hour each way (we've done the trip during a snow storm), I should have tried all of their flavors by early next week. Maybe I'll take a picture, if it lasts long enough until I get home, which has yet to happen.

- Cassaendra

Sonic Drive-In
9780 State Route 14
Streetsboro, OH 44241
Tel: (330) 626-9601

2 deep thoughts:

Lee Norman 21 April, 2011 16:39  

I experienced the "moss green" side effects of the Sonic Blue Coconut cream slush today. I've had two over the last two days and am relieve to see it is nothing to be of alarm. Thank you for co-experiencing. :)

Cassaendra 23 April, 2011 09:58  

Always happy to share - sharing is caring. :P

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