Sunday, February 22, 2009

Jaunt to Jordan

Bug woke me up this morning at 5 to start making korokke (croquettes). By 8:30, he was hungry and asked me what I wanted that I wouldn't normally be able to get since he is rarely awake this early (or late) in the morning.

I plugged into Google, "breakfast Cleveland." The 2nd choice that came up was Jordan's Family Restaurant in Parma, so I went to their website. We more or less won't go to a restaurant if they do not have a website with a menu. Surprises are fun when it's a birthday present. They aren't so fun when you're hungry.

I glossed over the breakfast listing which was quite lengthy, down to their offerings that I wouldn't be able to get so early in the morning. Ooh, fattoush!

We hopped into the car and passed some spun out cars along the way because of the snow. For being near Chevrolet Boulevard, right next to the not-as-bustling Chevy plant, the snowfall, and the awkward time -- late for the early peeps and early for the unshaven masses, we were surprised to see the parking lot full.

Walking in, I was pleased at how bright the decor was. It has the feeling of a restaurant run by a woman, with plants, bright walls that weren't a depressing shade of blah, lots of snowlight, and clean tables and seats, reminiscent of a sun room.

Our server greeted us brightly and was gracious, allowing us quite a bit of time to figure out what we were going to eat. Bug couldn't decide because he was trying to decide between a few dishes he wanted to try, which is always a good sign. He also took a peek at the lunch/dinner menu and was intrigued.

We ordered:

- The Greek ($6.95), skillet w/ cubed potatoes, tomatoes, feta, gyro meat, and onions, with 3 large eggs over easy and 2 slices of buttered toast and jelly

- The Irish ($6.95), skillet w/ cube potatoes, bell peppers, Swiss cheese, and corned beef (ordered w/o onions), with 3 large eggs over easy and 2 slices of buttered toast and jelly

- side order of biscuits with gravy ($3.95) and home fries
- coffee ($1.25)
- apple juice ($1.95)

Bug gave me a few pieces of the gyro meat, which was yummy, as expected. I am not a western breakfast fan, so I let the oozing yolk run over my potatoes, and removed the white, as I'm not too fond of the strong sulfurous flavor of egg whites. I picked through all of the corned beef, ate whatever lightly seasoned potatoes that were attached, and found myself still stuffed. I wasn't surprised to find a few slivers of onions in my dish. :P The apple juice hit the spot for me.

Bug thoroughly enjoyed his Greek skillet and biscuits with country gravy. He also didn't mind our pretty Lebanese server.

When we paid, we bought a few pieces of baklava. The hostess handed us a card taking 50% off our next dinner entree.

Bug is itching to return for their country fried steak (Mondays) and some other dishes. I am curious to try their Lebanese offerings, in particular, their fattoush.

- Cassaendra

Jordan's Family Restaurant and Catering
11575 Brookpark Rd
Parma, OH 44130
Tel: (216) 267-5353

2 deep thoughts:

GrubGrade 24 February, 2009 16:03  

Gyro meat and a fried egg...interesting combo.

SicklyBug and Cassaendra 25 February, 2009 00:08  

Hi GrubGrade,

This was my first time having gyros prepped this way. It's surprisingly good, but I still prefer gyro meat rolled up in a fresh, hot pita with gobs of tzatziki...

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