Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Vegetarians, Don't Clickie

I warned you...

365-254 Cant Wait
Day 254/365 - Simmering, simmering

Our first attempt at making corned beef went off without disaster.  We bought our cured hunk o' meat at Costco, so cooking it -- even without a meat thermometer -- was easy peasy.

Bug cooked some potatoes, celery, carrots, and cabbage also. This was a wonderful meal, but I swooned when I took the first bite of my sandwich made with a slice of sour dough bread spread with spicy brown mustard and Kewpie mayonnaise.

365-254 Corned Beef Slices
Day 254/365

I didn't realize (or bothered to look up) until today that corned beef, the most popular dish associated with St. Patrick's Day, at least in North America, is not customarily eaten in Ireland as one is led to believe. Gleaning from several sites, so I can't say this is 100% true, the reason was mainly economic.

It was only when I moved to the continental US that I realized the extent corned beef played in the holiday celebration. In Hawaii, the day consisted of wearing green (or orange) to avoid getting pinched. That's it. There was probably a parade. Maybe there was a bigger to-do and I was oblivious or traumatized from some overzealous pinchers. Perhaps the Irish population was so scant not to demand something better.

We'll definitely make corned beef again, quite possibly from scratch. Tonight's batch is all gone. 

- Cassaendra

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Mrs. L 14 March, 2012 18:16  

We crockpot corned beef quite regularly. It's a favorite of ours. But the stores don't sell fresh ones all the time (and we refuse to buy the ones in the vacuum packed bags) so we tend to stock our freezer up around this time of year. We also buy a gazillion bottles of corned beef seasoning now because it goes on sale. Corned beef rocks!

Cassaendra 16 March, 2012 20:08  

Hi Mrs. L,

The meat was vacuum packed and tasty. Now I really want to check out how fresh meat, curing then seasoning it ourselves will taste!

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