Monday, March 26, 2012

Soda Fountain

When I read that Whole Foods was selling fountain soda cupcakes in cola, strawberry vanilla, ginger ale, root beer, and lemon lime flavors, I felt compelled to take a peek. We chose the 4-pack ($6.99) without lemon lime. The cupcakes were average tasting chocolate and yellow cake. The soda flavors were in the icing.

Root beer was my favorite since it was the most assertive of the four flavors. Cherry vanilla and cola were good and tasted just like their namesakes -- I should have mixed the two together. Ginger ale was the subtlest. If I didn't read the label, I wouldn't have guessed the flavor.

365-267 Soda Pop Cupcakes
Day 267/365

In the bakery section, we noticed a new case of freshly baked goods sold by weight ($9.99/lb). The madeleine cookies caught my eye and Bug wanted some of the heftier sweets like berry bars, rugelach, and brownies. He showed great restraint, so, in addition to the cupcakes, we walked away with just our customary barley and lentils from the bulk bins.

- Cassaendra

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