Friday, March 2, 2012

Squeaky Brakes

It was a bit chillier today than yesterday being in the 40s (°F) instead of in the balmy 60s, but we went to Edgewater Park anyway as a different scent-adventure for Akemi. She was quite excited even before we parked the car. I was almost concerned our brakes had suddenly gone bad with all the squeaking.

Well, her squeaks were drowned out by the laughter in my head as I was reminded of the movie, "Gymkata," when we parked near the pier. The scene involves Kurt Thomas' (American Olympic gymnast) character awing (mowing) blood crazed villagers with his flying feet as he happens upon a stone pommel horse in the town square.

365-242 Gymkata
Day 242/365 - cement pommel horse?

By the way, I actually liked "Gymkata" when I was a kid. I also loved "Megaforce," because "good guys win...even in the '80s."

The park was littered with green cans with printed directions. Even from afar, it was obviously military/government issue. I've always loved the succinct and structured format of military instructions, seemingly taking into account the lowest common denominator. Apparently, these cans were primarily used for filling and dispensing water.

365-242 Can
Day 242/365

There are even directions on how to re-use this can as a can -- commode, toilet, john, dunny, ... by putting a bag in it and going to town.   

Water, anyone?

As we approached this lonely willow, it appeared wan compared to how robust it looked when Akemi was 11 weeks old. Kids were drawn by her cuteness. Not only was she a puppy, she was a shiba puppy.

365-242 Willow
Day 242/365

In just a few more months, its fluffy plumage will return.

- Cassaendra

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