Wednesday, March 7, 2012


I realize this sounds a result of not being able to get service at Sonic in Parma, we bought perilla leaves at the Korean grocery store.

365-248 Perilla
Day 248/365

Since we were at the dog park, we decided to swing by Sonic (just 15 minutes yonder). It had been many months since our last visit, so I thought we could share a chili cheese coney.

We sat in the stall for someone, anyone, to acknowledge us. After watching the blinking button for over 5 minutes, I didn't feel like waiting any longer, so I asked Bug to forget about it. The Korean grocery store was along the way home, so we stopped by for perilla leaves, crab stick, and more sauteed shrimp!

- Cassaendra

2 deep thoughts:

Mrs. L 09 March, 2012 16:52  

There are no Sonics around here which is a crying shame. But I wouldn't have waited either.

Cassaendra 09 March, 2012 18:20  

Heyas Mrs. L,

If it were a Korean taco truck, it would have been a different story -- stuff you can get any time in your area. I suppose that's with anything that's easy/difficult to obtain. :P

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