Saturday, March 24, 2012


While I dislike this sort of aberrant weather in March -- temperatures in the 80s (°F), humid, sunny -- I appreciate the result.  Blossoms shower the city with renewed life and bathe it with the feeling of hope and dreams.

365-264 Mermaids
Day 264/365

Wade Lagoon is located at the Cleveland Museum of Art, near Case Western Reserve University, in University Circle. Between the lagoon and the museum are several sculptures and a water fountain. We were the only people with a dog in tow. For a while, I thought dogs weren't allowed, but we never came across a sign that growled, "NO DOGS ALLOWED."

The walk around the pond reminded me of a miniature Tidal Basin (Washington, DC) with its flowering trees and neoclassical marble architecture. There were several people with very large camera lenses and lighting umbrellas taking pictures of the flowers and couples.

My appreciation is balanced by my concern with the farmers and their budding trees, as the inevitable return to normal overnight temperatures in the 30s will create havoc.

- Cassaendra

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Brenda Holloway 26 March, 2012 17:03  

Beautiful sculpture and setting.

I hardly ever (never?) see anyone photographing stuff in Hartford. I'm glad you guys are more appreciative of where you live than we apparently are here :)

Cassaendra 26 March, 2012 17:33  

Hi Brenda~

Thanks! This area has a lot of green space probably because it is near a university, museum, and concert hall.

Tonight, the temperature forecast is in the 20s. I hope there was enough time for farmers to cover up any buds or plants.

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