Monday, October 10, 2011


365-121 Little Peeper
Day 121/365

This little squirrel was either brave or very curious. With Akemi just a few feet below waiting to play, it didn't appear the slightest bit intimidated, nor did it look like a possessed furball waiting for its chance to pounce on my face and claw my eyes out.

All the neighborhood folks were out walking their dogs since the weather was nice. We ran into 20+ dogs in a span of 30 minutes. Poor dogs - not because they were out, but when the weather is damp or cool, the streets are practically desolate and we may see 2-3 dogs in that same span of time.

- Cassaendra

2 deep thoughts:

Mrs. L 17 October, 2011 18:40  

Those dang things are all over our complex. The outside walls of the townhouse are of a rough sort of spackle that the dang squirrels can they go from ground to third floor in an instant. Drive our cats wild as they will run along the window leg on the third floor and taunt our poor kitties.

Cassaendra 18 October, 2011 19:55  

Heya Mrs. L,

LOL poor kitties!

I didn't realize they could scale up brick walls until this summer! They are still cute though... :)

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