Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Autumn Blooms

As if desperately holding on to the last strands of summer, these blooms and berries are on its last week before the frost forecast later this week.

365-136 Purple Flower
Day 136/365

Gas stations aren't exactly where I would expect pretty flowers. If there is any kind of landscaping, I've noticed most gas stations throw down some hardy shrubbery that can be run over and a layer of soot would go unnoticed.

365-136 Gas Station Flowers
Day 136/365

Autumn is my favorite time of year partly because of the vibrant oranges, reds, and golds. It's funny that these lively colors are a result of the lack of chlorophyll, what we associate with life.

365-136 Smallberries
Day 136/365

One of these days, I'll try one of these berries in the hope they don't make me violently ill...or afflict me with something similar to pine mouth, where everything I eat would be shoved into one category - bitter.

- Cassaendra

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