Monday, October 3, 2011

Doggie Abuse?

We don't buy clothes for Akemi, since her coat is fashionable for all seasons. Because she has a double coat, she does not need a coat to keep her warm. It also insulates her from the summer heat.

Just as the temperatures have dipped into the 40s(°F), Bug coincidentally wanted to transform his sweatpants into sweatshorts. He snipped off his pant legs and cut another hole in each leg. In seconds, cloth scraps were restyled into Akemi's first 2 new shirts! Hooray?

365-114 Akemi Shirt Back
Day 114/365

Initially, Bug wanted nothing to do with capturing images of Akemi in this...joke. She's a great guard dog and doesn't scare easily. The first time I saw her in this outfit running away from Bug just after he put this on her, my rather spirited cackle frightened her.

365-114 Akemi Shirt Front
Day 114/365

Our cat has been around me for over a decade to know that nothing good can come from shrieking laughter like that. The normally curious cat was nowhere to be found.

Within seconds of taking my last photograph, Bug peeled Akemi out of her snug shirt. I suppose this is somewhat reminiscent of those hideous muscle tshirts from the '80s.

365-114 Akemi Side
Day 114/365

Bug wanted to throw away Akemi's outfits, but I begged to keep one, and muttered to myself, for comic relief. Muahahahaha!

- Cassaendra

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