Saturday, October 29, 2011


We had our first tickle of frost this morning. Not more than 0.5 seconds after I took this picture, Akemi stomped all over the sole patch of grass with frost, as it was quite late -- after 10:00. Gotta love that kid.

365-140 Frost Blade
Day 140/365

Ah well, we'll be seeing this and more for the next 7 months.

Only the rear window of the car was frosted over. The remainder of the car had already warmed up.

365-140 Morning Frost
Day 140/365

In the areas where the condensation was more discrete, it appeared as if someone painstakingly embossed each bead. One can almost draw a meaning from the code left behind.

365-140 Morning Condensation
Day 140/365

Autumn is fleeting. Perhaps that is why it is my favorite season.

- Cassaendra

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