Wednesday, October 19, 2011

And Everything Nice

365-130 Pumpkin Cupcake
Day 130/365

As a seasonal treat, A Cookie and a Cupcake have Halloweenified a few of their cupcakes with candy corn and black and orange sprinkles.  I went for the pumpkin spice cupcake with candied pecans ($2.50).

The cake was pretty good. I was surprised how much the buttercream tasted like straight butter. My half was wolfed down in 2 bites.

- Cassaendra

A Cookie and a Cupcake
2173 Professor Ave
Cleveland, OH 44113
Tel: (216) 344-9433

4 deep thoughts:

brenda 20 October, 2011 00:50  

Now I want a cookie and a cupcake. Where will I find either at 1AM!!??

Cassaendra 21 October, 2011 00:29  

Hey Brenda!

*snicker* I'm a cookie not in my house!

Mrs. L 27 October, 2011 14:30  

Now 'I' want a cupcake too! Will have to see if any of the local places sell seasonal ones.

Cassaendra 29 October, 2011 21:47  

Hiya Mrs. L,

I need to find more places that sell seasonal cupcakes myself. Actually, I should learn to make them myself so I can have what I want. I just can't bake...

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