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The books in the South Euclid-Lyndhurst branch of the Cuyahoga County Library System are housed in this elegant home. We have passed this place along Mayfield Road thousands of times and did not realize the mansion partially concealed by shrubbery along its perimeter was a library, despite the black wrought-iron sign that identified it.

365-122 S Euclid Library Grounds
Day 122/365

We were headed home when I pointed out the library sign to Bug. He quickly turned into the driveway. The place seemed like an adequate sized library driving past the street-facing side of the home. We drove past a covered driveway and discovered a small lane leading down a hill, behind the structure.

From behind (shown above), the handsome home turned into a magnificent mansion. We parked and peered  through a thicket. The stroll to the library entrance was serene.

We entered at the ground level, which houses audio-visual media. The area was packed with people flipping through DVDs and CDs.

365-122 S Euclid Library Window
Day 122/365 - Ground level

Through a landing and up a narrow flight of stairs, the main floor opened up to several rooms with different uses and themes, like a children's meeting room.  

365-122 S Euclid Library Arches
Day 122/365

Upon entering the reading area, I gasped at the ornate grill and ceiling, the warm wood beams, chairs, the spacious layout, and the abundance of plants, and could not help but whisper to one of the librarians busily tapping away at a computer how fortunate she must feel to work in such a beautiful environment. She agreed, perhaps to get rid of the crazy lady that must have been raised by wolves.

Tell me this is not a beautiful library.

365-122 S Euclid Library Reading Room
Day 122/365 - Reading room

At the far end of the room is a water fountain full of coins. Magazines are along one wall, and there is a walk-in nook dedicated to graphics novels.

I walked out borrowing two books, and Bug found a few as well.

- Cassaendra

South Euclid-Lyndhurst Library
4645 Mayfield Rd
South Euclid, Ohio 44121-4087
Tel: 216-382-4880

5 deep thoughts:

Michael 12 October, 2011 00:44  

What a beautiful library. I love it.

Cassaendra 12 October, 2011 18:43  

Hi Michael,

It would be lovely to read books outside in the grass. :)

Mrs. L 17 October, 2011 19:26  

Seriously, if my neighborhood library looked like this I'd be there on a regular basis! Beautiful.

Cassaendra 18 October, 2011 19:52  

Hi Mrs. L,

I wish I saw this information earlier. It tells the story of William Telling, the man who built the mansion -- wealth obtained through hard work and creativity, and lost through an unfortunate turn in the economy.

Fran Mentch 19 March, 2013 08:23  

We are working hard to save our library. The Cuyahoga County Public Library Board put it UP FOR SALE in October 2012. It is unbelievable, but true. It will only cost $5 to renovate this building but $12.6 to build a new one story, cookie-cutter building--the same style you see being built around the country.

Telling Mansion is on the National Register of Historic Places but has no protection because no federal money was ever spent on its restoration.

Please help us save this public space FOR the public. Selling the building will put it into private hands. People move about an historic building with the most freedom and pleasure if that historic building is a public library.

Please sign our petition bit.ly/TellingLibrary and like us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/MansionLibrary
Please help us spread the word, we are running out of time. Call us 216-694-8304 or email us at savethemansionlibrary@gmail.com

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