Saturday, October 1, 2011

They Draw + Cook

I have been following They Draw + Cook (TD+C) by Salli Swindell and Nate Padavick for a few months. It is an adorable and creative collection of recipes by Ms. Swindell and illustrators from all over the world. I was ecstatic and a bit skeptical when I learned a book was being published.

While I was bee-bopping around online this morning, I discovered that a pre-launch book party at the Learned Owl was going to take place in a few hours. Not wanting to pass up a chance to meet with Ms. Swindell and take a peek at the book, we drove out to Hudson with a bag of canned goods to support the Akron Food Bank.

365-112 Learned Owl
Day 112/365

When we walked in, she was chatting with one of the contributing artists, Betsy Snyder, near a table decorated with food from the book and website, even play dough, as well as a stack of TD+C books and calendars. I flipped through the book for 10 seconds and the calendar for 5 seconds...and greedily grabbed 2 books and a calendar.

The book and calendar are put together extremely well, 100 times better than I expected, and the pages lay flat. I was also surprised how well the large canvas prints turned out. An additional bonus, proceeds from the book sale at The Learned Owl will go to the Akron Food Bank. All profits from WD+C's Cafe Press sales support the UN World Food Program.

365-112 Hudson Main St
Day 112/365

Since we found a great parking spot, we walked along Main Street and visited several clothing and game boutiques. I absolutely adored the clothes at one of the boutiques.

Bug was following me around, peered at the tag of one of the coats I was fond of, and inquired what "446" meant. I replied that it was the price. He quickly grabbed my shoulders while I was looking at another coat and pushed me out the door.

TD+C is scheduled for release on October 4th (!

- Cassaendra

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