Thursday, December 22, 2011

One Lifetime

365-175 KamLung Suit Case 
Day 175/365

When I buy suits, they are frequently hung from a hanger with a thin plastic slipcover placed over my suit with a knot tied at the bottom. If they are on sale, the suit may be folded or thrown into a plastic or paper bag. My husband's (two) suits receive better treatment with a thicker black bag that zips up along its length like a body bag.

I've never purchased a suit that has been tailored for me from its first stitch. It was to my amazement when my father showed me how tailored suits from decades ago were packaged; a large, solid wood case with metal trim, lined with paper, inside and out.

In our disposable way of life, this would be unfathomable least for most people. The suitcase was crafted so sturdily that it is still functional and would require just a little work to rejuvenate it to a timeless chic piece.

Of course, out of curiosity I plopped the address, 1-1A Hanoi Rd, Kowloon, on Google to see whether Kamlung still stands. It's a 7-11 store.

- Cassaendra

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