Sunday, December 18, 2011

Hoth Chocolate

It's not quite the snow globe that is Hoth, but there's no denying that tonight would be a nice night for some Hoth Chocolate, watching the fluffy snow float down reaching its final destination - 5" of snow covered ground.

365-171 Dendrites
Day 171/365

The first snow of the season means snapping away on my camera like a tourist from the tropics. It is always so invigorating, especially when it's the warm puffy variety and not the beady slap in the face frigid sort.

365-171 First Snow Wood
Day 171/365

This is also the start of 150 more days of snow-related pictures for my 365 Project. With nightfall arriving so early, it is difficult to take pictures daily this time of year. Lighting at home to showcase Bug's creations is terribly suboptimal, and we cannot afford to be restaurant hounds, nor would we want to eat out that often.

365-171 First Snow Fence
Day 171/365

Sifting through all my pictures and writing about the week in Hawaii has been more time consuming than I expected, with at least 8 more posts from the trip simmering. Waiting for what?

Oh, I can't take credit for Hoth chocolate, by the way. It is one of recipes in the Star Wars cookbook, Wookiee Cookies.

I probably need a "stream of consciousness" label (or warning) for my posts.

- Cassaendra

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