Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Four Minute Warning

Only 4 weeks ago, Tremont West Development's meeting room was transformed into a storefront for Cosmic Bobbins. It will feel weird when this holiday chariot reverts to a pumpkin meeting room (it isn't quite that bad) in 4 days.

365-174 Cosmic Bobbins Work
Day 174/365

When Yellow Cake occupied this space for a weekend last winter, I was swept up with the quaintness of the shop-up store that I bought a cute grey ninja doll. I think it was supposed to be a pin cushion. I adored some of the pretty unique outfits that were being sold -- if I were only thinner, taller, and had a few more bucks to spare.

365-174 Cosmic Bobbins Flowers
Day 174/365

I wonder who will inhabit this spot next?

- Cassaendra

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