Sunday, December 4, 2011

Musubi Times

I had a great nights sleep and woke up to a wonderful breakfast -- cabbage, spring mix, Hamakua tomatoes, broccoli, celery, radishes, Maui onions (snuck in), Kona oranges, and Fuyu persimmons.

TDay Breakfast

There was little time to lounge, since we needed to prepare our contribution to a family Thanksgiving luncheon that would be held at my cousin's house.

We prepared musubi (rice balls) and green beans. Well, my father prepared and I assisted.

365-165 Multigrain Musubi
Day 165/365 - Multigrain rice with ume

We made several types of musubi (also known as onigiri):
1) multigrain, mochi, and Niigata koshihikari (white) rice with seeded umeboshi (pickled plum) placed in the center;
2) white and brown rice rolled in furikake (sesame seeds, nori (toasted seaweed/laver), salt, sugar) each served with a slice of fried Göteborg sausage;
3) white and brown rice with kim chi topping each served with a slice of fried Göteborg sausage;
4) white and brown rice with benishoga (picked red ginger) topping each served with a slice of fried Göteborg sausage;
5) white and brown rice with fried Spam in sauce wrapped in nori.

365-165 Furikake Musubi
Day 165/365 - Niigata koshihitari and brown rice, furikake

Musubi is formed with hot, unseasoned sticky rice. The heat and stickiness are important so the balls retain their shape and helps the furikake adhere to the rice.

How do you combat the rice from sticking to you while preparing the onigiri? Wet hands.

Since the rice in musubi is not flavored with sugar and rice wine vinegar like sushi rice is, rubbing a very small pinch of salt into your wet hands adds flavor. This step is optional when mixing salted ingredients to the onigiri; otherwise, they may become too salty.

The final product at my cousin's home, presented by my father...

TDay Musubi Parade
Day 165/365 - The ensemble

Please check back -- the Thanksgiving luncheon will be described in better detail in an upcoming post!

- Cassaendra

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