Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Cemetery of the Pacific

The National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific sits in a crater in Honolulu. Amidst the chaotic bustle just a few minutes away, this memorial, always beautifully maintained, exudes serenity and honor.

365-167 Cemetery Pacific Monument 
Day 167/365

Construction, which began in 1948, was completed in 1949, and is home to ~13,000 soldiers who died in the Pacific Theater during World War II. Soldiers and their spouses continue to be interred here; however, new casket plots are no longer available, only column burials.

During my recent visit just over a week ago on Saturday, a renovation project was underway and is expected to take a total of 2 years to complete.

365-167 Cemetary Pacific Renovation
Day 167/365

From the official site:
“In the 60 years this national shrine has been open, the turf has never been renovated before,” Gene Castagnetti, the cemetery's director said. “Gravesites will be leveled, grave markers will be cleaned and stabilized with a non-biodegradable product called grass-pave. The soil will be tilled to a depth of eight inches and replanted with a new Bermuda grass called „Celebration‟ that is tolerant to both shade and drought.
My last visit here was over 4 years ago. I hope to be able to return and view the progress of this immense project.

- Cassaendra

National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific
2177 Puowaina Dr
Honolulu, HI 96813-1729
Tel: (808) 532-3720

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