Monday, November 14, 2011

Walking Wet

With camera in hand, Bug, Akemi, and I were headed out when I felt the phantom sensation of rain drops against my face. I was about to discount the probability of rain, when I felt the same cool pricks again.

I peered above at the swirling clouds, then took a few quick pictures of squirmy Akemi tugging at her leash toward the street. In an unusual decision, I stashed the camera at home.

365-155 Akemi Ears
Day 155/365

Not ten minutes later, the scant water droplets that were enjoyable in the warm breeze were mixed with sporadic plump splotches. Within a couple of minutes, gusts of cold wind sheered down the street where we were walking and the rain pummeled us with ferocity.

Flailing tree limbs bare from the high winds from the day before made poor shelter as we sloshed along. Shielding my eyes with one hand did little to help with the water-smudged distortion ahead. I struggled to keep my eyes open as they burned from the unrelenting rain slicing into them.

Within eyeshot of our place, my pants felt like leaky water bladders from trudging through the streams that sprouted as sidewalks and streets flooded.

A thought crept into my head that forced a slight smile as we noisily squished our way into the house -- I am glad I left the camera at home!

- Cassaendra

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