Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Hydrant - How To...

I've never seen a brand new fire hydrant,  a hydrant so new it still has instructions attached. Aside from new developments, when do you really see one?

365-150 New Hydrant Kit
Day 150/365

It didn't have a new car or computer smell that I could detect, just a beautiful untarnished surface.

365-150 New Hydrant
Day 150/365

It's too bad that in just 4 short months, this hydrant is probably going to look like it has been standing there since Dick Goddard began doing weather, looking dull, dinged, and decrepit (the hydrant, not Dick). 

- Cassaendra

2 deep thoughts:

Mrs. L 10 November, 2011 18:51  

Instructions? It comes with instructions? Why does that concern me LOL? I like the blue on it.

Cassaendra 16 November, 2011 19:00  

Heyas Mrs. L,

:D Sad thing is, these instructions just instruct the person installing (?) it to refer to some other instructions. Kinda makes me think, "Why bother making this set of instructions, then?"

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