Sunday, November 6, 2011

Kitty's Lot

We were ambling down the street chatting about computers, when Akemi lurched forward and strained against her leash. She stopped at a church parking lot gate and began acting squirrely (well, more squirrely than usual).

365-148 Akemi Church Sniff
Day 148/365

We wondered what caught her interest.

Behind the presumed safety of the gate, we noticed a cat peering back at us. Akemi stared longingly through the fence as the feline walked teasingly to and fro just 10 feet away.

365-148 Church Cat
Day 148/365

Akemi tends to lose interest rather quickly, so I wanted to allow her time to snort and walk away in disinterest.

We waited.

She looked on quietly as the cat slunk back and forth.

365-148 Akemi Church Stares Flare
Day 148/365

Even the scratching of the dried leaves skipping down the street did not distract her. The warmth of the sun felt nice on my face as chilly tendrils crept through my thin jacket.

Several quiet minutes passed.  

Bug lost.

He instructed Akemi, "Let's go," while he motioned her away from the gate. She looked back as we walked away. After several steps, the cat's existence dissipated as a large fluttering golden leaf wedged in a tuft of grass caught her fancy.

- Cassaendra

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