Sunday, November 13, 2011

6 More Months

365-154 Leaves
10/2011 - Autumn leaves

In less than a month, the gilded leaves that draped this tree revealed its naked limbs. The spectacle of autumn is brief as we invariably have a couple of days of high wind and/or rain soon after.

365-154 No Leaves
Day 154/365

Today, the winds were gusting 30-50 mph. The tree was bare before the high winds would have taken the last of the stragglers, which is evidenced by the clean sidewalk...or the person who resides here is meticulous. Our place has leaves piled pretty high everywhere, creating a bit of fun running through.

It'll be at least 6 months until we see leaves sprouting.

- Cassaendra

2 deep thoughts:

Mrs. L 14 November, 2011 14:37  

I was noticing the same thing this morning on the way to work...some of the trees in areas are just starting to turn while others have turned and dropped all their leaves. For this area with no seasons I always love the trees that actually have fall color in our area.

Cassaendra 16 November, 2011 18:33  

Hi Mrs. L,

Growing up in a place where it was green or limbs, I love the gold and red leaves of autumn.

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