Sunday, June 19, 2011

White Paws

Humid with temperatures in the 80s, today would have made an ideal day for cicadas to croon. For the better part of the morning and early afternoon, our eyes were glued to our computers. I was catching up on a few missed episodes of Castle and Bug was busily beta testing Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Since I am the American Heart Association team captain for our department, I have been meaning to purchase a roll of 50/50 raffle tickets for the past few weeks to raise money. By mid-afternoon, we decided to head out and walked into the living room, where I was startled by the darkness. I looked up at our clock twice to affirm that it wasn't 5 hours later.

365-8 White Paws
008/365 Akemi

We swam into the muggy dusk-like horizon with the barely audible sporadic rumbling of thunder. Partway to the Party Center, we met the thunderstorm. Driving wasn't very treacherous, but I was relieved that we were able to locate raffle tickets there and pleased that the people working there were friendly and helpful.

By the time we left the store, the temperature had become more tolerable, dropping into the 60s. When we arrived home, we took Akemi out in the cool mist. She was apprehensive at first, not being fond of walking in the rain often spending 15-30 minutes preening herself after a walk. As soon as she found a stick, her pace picked up to a proud prance, still careful not to get her white paws too dirty.

- Cassaendra

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