Thursday, June 16, 2011


I love banchan in an almost unhealthy way. We haven't had any of the more exotic dishes I've read about like raw blue crab.

365-4b Banchan

From the sliced odeng (fishcake) and jalapenos in sesame oil to the bubbly steamed egg in a cauldron, blanched bean sprouts with sesame oil and chili peppers to kim chi.

Seoul Restaurant always serves a lot of delicious banchan, part of the reason we love it there. Of course, they have excellent service, home-like comfortable atmosphere, and deliciously prepared meals.

365-4a Banchan

Today, my favorites were the sliced potatoes, sliced odeng, and the steamed egg. The sliced potatoes taste nearly identical to chestnuts! I could eat a giant bowl of it. It's a good thing they serve just enough to want more.


Seoul Restaurant
5270 Pearl Rd
Brooklyn Heights, OH 44129
Tel: (216) 661-5990

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