Thursday, June 30, 2011

Round and Round

We had this date marked on the calendar because of a banner hanging along Tremont Scoops's storefront for the past 2 weeks.

Free ice cream cake!

Bug was craving a slice of pepperoni pizza so we headed to Edison's Pizza Kitchen, which is across the street from Tremont Scoops, to split a slice for dinner.

365-19a Edison Pizza Slice

To me, pizza slices always taste better when you're walking and eating. It probably goes back to my childhood when I spent summers in San Francisco. We bought pizza slices larger than the size of my face and ate the steaming slice on the go. Of course, I'd occasionally lose a pepperoni here and there.

At Edison's Pizza Kitchen, a slice is placed on a conveyor belt of an oven that takes up most of the front area. It takes a few minutes for a slice to exit, where it is greeted by a smattering of cheese, wrapped up in a paper sleeve, and begging to be consumed. The crust is crisp and not soggy like almost every other place I've tried.

If a whole pizza is ordered, honey is included!

For dessert, we trotted across the street to Tremont Scoops, the main reason we headed here, where they were celebrating their 10 year anniversary with free ice cream cake.

We were offered a slice of our choice -- vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, butter pecan, and Superman. The cake was dense and nutty, and the butter pecan ice cream really hit the spot.

365-19b Raspberry Pomegranate Sorbet

The rich plum-fuchsia hue lured me to purchase a scoop of raspberry pomegranate sorbet atop a waffle cone ($4.06). The prices are based on weight. The sorbet was quite berry flavored.

On such a sunny and humid day, this sorbet lover became sorbet obsessed.

Yep, this post had nothing to do with Ratt.

- Cassaendra

Edison's Pizza Kitchen
2365 Professor Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44113-4629
Tel: (216) 298-4484

Tremont Scoops
2362 Professor Ave
Cleveland, OH 44113-4670
Tel: (216) 781-0352

2 deep thoughts:

Mrs. L 01 July, 2011 17:30  

I am now craving raspberry pomegranate sorbet and must find it somewhere. Enabler!

Cassaendra 01 July, 2011 23:21  

Doh! Actually, Bug calls me that all the time. :P Hope you were able to find some!

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