Friday, June 17, 2011


In grade school, we were asked what we wanted to do for a class outing. I don't remember what all of our choices were, but I remember wanting to see Clash of the Titans starring Harry Hamlin as Perseus.

I was ecstatic when that movie was selected. We all packed onto several buses and went to Varsity Theater, back when it was a single screen theater. Yes, movie theaters used to house single screens!

The movie was great. The story was engrossing. I held my breath when Perseus fought Medusa. I didn't care that the stop motion animation didn't make for seamless realism.

365-6 Owl

My favorite character was Bubo, the owl. I squealed (in my mind) each time I saw that adorable bronze and silver mechanical critter clicking and whirring.

When I saw this metal and glass sculpture sitting on a post in someone's lawn, how could I not think of Bubo?

Bus drivers must really love kids to endure 30-40 windpipes screeching "99 Bottles..." on repeat. It would drive me to drink!

- Cassaendra

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Mrs. L 21 June, 2011 17:32  

Ha, I too, remember single screen theaters. And real butter on popcorn. And that mechanical owl (and Harry Hamlin if truth be told).

Cassaendra 25 June, 2011 08:15  

I saw the Clash of the Titans remake, but I don't remember a thing. Bug had to tell me we saw it. At least it wasn't horrible -- I would have remembered that!

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