Monday, June 20, 2011


365-9 Library

We went Downtown to the main branch (somehow that sounds wrong - shouldn't it be the trunk?) of the Cleveland Public Library to pick up a few DVDs that were erroneously routed. We took the stairwell down to the ground floor, pictured above, where the audio-visual department is located.

When I visit the area public libraries, the computers stations and the DVD section have a majority of the traffic. I rarely run into anyone while perusing through titles where the books are shelved.

I'm not implying that it is horrible that libraries may be looked at by some like DVD repositories. I would be a hypocrite since we take advantage of those resources regularly -- Bug with his documentaries and old movies, while I check out television series and movies.

We don't have an electronic book reader so we haven't taken advantage of that, so I am one of those folks who check out books with pages.

It is wonderful that the library is current with the times!

- Cassaendra

2 deep thoughts:

Mrs. L 21 June, 2011 17:34  

I hate to admit it's been ages since I've stepped food in a library...really bad as I grew up in them (my gram was a librarian).
Another awesome photo from a great perspective!

Cassaendra 22 June, 2011 21:43  

Hi Mrs. L,

Thanks! Cool, a librarian! There was a span of 10 years when I didn't step foot in a library after I got out of school. It wasn't until the past year or so when I started going weekly to several times weekly. It is wonderful that we have libraries available to us.

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