Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sonic Boom

Sonic was scheduled to open on September 1st, but opened early on Saturday, August 29th.

We have yet to check out this particular Sonic drive-in because the place is a madhouse! There was a 2 hour wait to get into the parking lot!

When we stopped by at around 21:00, there was a foot traffic line of 20 people.

Obviously, we weren't one of the first 100 customers who received a year of free Sonic.


Updated: We went later in the day at 11:00 and got in pretty easily. It was still packed, but we slipped in to the last spot before the lunch rush hit where there was a 10+ car wait to get in. Cherry limeades were spot on!

- Cassaendra

1842 Snow Rd
Parma, Ohio 44134

2 deep thoughts:

Mrs. L 01 September, 2009 17:26  

I'm still waiting for a Sonic to open up around here! I found out there is one about an hour away which my girlfriend and I figure we may have to have a road trip to explore.

SicklyBug and Cassaendra 02 September, 2009 15:24  

Hi Mrs. L!

A Sonic road trip sounds fun! Before Sonic opened in NE Ohio, we went to the one in Pittsburgh, PA, bundling it with a visit to IKEA (the nearest one to us).

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