Saturday, August 15, 2009

On Random

I peeked into an unfinished storefront and noticed a cat drinking from a bowl. She nosed over to me at the window...

Gallery Kitty
Friendly or curious?

Gallery Kitty Profile

...and hammed it up for a good while.

Gallery Cat Ham
Green walls and ham

I just noticed this pumpkin patch today. I'm not sure how they have grown to this size unnoticed. Unfortunately, all of the gourds are severed from their life line so they are in various stages of decay. I'm sure the neighborhood scavengers will notice real soon.

School Pumpkin Patch

There are several unkempt community bins with banana peppers, green bell peppers, and tomatoes growing. I have yet to see anyone tend to these plants, but these veggies look mighty healthy and untouched. The raccoons and squirrels must not like them.

School Peppers

When bathroom humor meets playground humor? Hi-

I know you are, but what am I?

It's a race track operated by crank from behind, not Grampa Pac-Man swallowing a jogger. Bug and I will on occasion play with these nifty playground toys when no one is around.


I think it's time for a nap!

- Cassaendra

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