Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Our newest family member, Mustard!

Mustard sunset

He was left at a veterinary clinic and placed for adoption through Mutt Hutt.

We fell in love with the sweet little (most likely) corgi-chihuahua mix at first sight. He immediately took to Bug, and gets along well with Princess Akemi.

The adoption paperwork was quite extensive; a 6-page questionnaire, possible visit to the home, and a list of 3 personal references.


Mustard probably has kennel cough. Hopefully Akemi will be okay. They are currently chilling in the same crate. It's sweet to see them together.

Mustard dog
More Mustard

I should feel sorry for CJ, who may be sleeping with the dogs, as she is coming to visit from Hawaii for the holiday weekend...

- Cassaendra

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Anonymous 11 February, 2010 14:36  

hello, I'm trying out figure out what breeds my dog Zeus is, I've been told a million things but never had a definite answer. Your dog Mustard looks just like my Zeus, any ideas what breeds he is?

Jean Barnes 28 June, 2013 23:54  

Hi, my thirteen/five month old Corgi/Jack Russel named BO-BO passed away seven weeks ago! Last week a puppy came into our yard(sent from GOD by Bo) and we have adopted him! He looks like MUSTARD! How is Mustard doing? They r so cute! BO-BO was a very smart and wonderful dog. I hope Corky will be that way, he shows signs of being smart!

Anonymous 27 March, 2015 03:12  

The pup we're fostering looks almost exactly like you Mustard! My family and I have been thinking up some possible breeds such as, Chihuahua, Corgi, Jack Russel, Pitbull Terrier, Cattle Dog, and Carolina Dog! On occasions we'd fight if she is Basenji or Shiba Inu at all, but I guess no one is right on that one. Tell us how Mustard is! (Also our foster also "supposedly" had kennel cough, but it still comes and goes. So keep an eye out)

Cassaendra 28 March, 2015 03:54  


We no longer have Mustard. Never figured out exactly what breed he was. I suppose with 'found' dogs, the only way to know for sure is genetic testing - I hear that's really expensive.

Whichever breed, I am sure your foster pup will bring you lots of laughs, licks, joy, love, and, at times frustration. Hope the cough resolves for good soon. :\


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