Sunday, July 12, 2009

More than Meets the Eye

Bug and I went to see Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen last weekend with Goksga, a friend we haven't seen in a while but communicate with frequently.

He was the final nail in the coffin that plunged Bug and I into the World of Warcraft. We first met YEARS ago (has it been 8 years?) in EverQuest. When I think back to seeing him in his gold armor staring back at me on my screen in my mismatched leather, it feels like another time and another place.

I guess it really is.

In a nutshell, Transformers 2 was a humorous mechanical good vs evil action flick set in the northeastern US and Egypt, with stories of love, loyalty, and revenge nestled in 150 minutes of Army recruitment and GM catwalk.

It was entertaining and a great film to go to with friends. There were a few spots where I wished I had a remote control to fast forward through.

I should probably stop and explain why my remote control remark shouldn't be taken too seriously. Extensive fight and love scenes bore me. Generally, I lose interest when there is an expanse of nothingness, filler that contributes nothing to the progression of the story. Even the movies I tell people I adore, my trigger-happy finger on the remote control is on DEFCON 2.

While the transformations looked pretty sharp, it felt like they were beating a dead chihuahua in the beginning. I sat there thinking, "WTH? Why did he transform out and back in 5 seconds?"

The best parts of the movie were the parts that involved the military.

Many critics disliked the film. *shrug* Oh well. The $703 million grossed in less than one month kind of drowns out all the naysayers and secures a Transformers 3.

Like a good meal, it isn't necessarily the food you are served, but the company you keep. Except in a movie, one doesn't go for the conversation -- wait, the person who sat next to me sure did. I got elbowed in the ribs several times as he made comments to me about certain scenes. Fortunately, none of them were romantic scenes. I guess I just shot down the point I was trying to make. Anyway...

Speaking of food, we went to Don Ramon - without a camera again! Maybe next time, when I remember to bring a camera, I'll take a picture of their paradilla, mole poblano, or camarones ala diabla -- hot as hell for me, but would be piquant for Gok, as we watched him poured habanero sauce over his Guadalajara special (chicken and beef taquitos, tamale, marinated shredded chicken, tostada, and salad) several times throughout the meal. GAH! Ring of fire, anyone?

My favorite Sister Machine Gun song, Burn

- Cassaendra

2 deep thoughts:

brenda 14 July, 2009 10:19  

Goksga! Now THERE's a blast from the past!

SicklyBug and Cassaendra 14 July, 2009 13:33  

Hey Tipa!

We were talking about you... *snicker*

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