Monday, July 20, 2009

More Random Tastes

I took a TON of pictures of each stall at the Taste of Tremont, but feel uninspired to post them all. It is past its moment, I am tired and don't feel like writing much either.


Ty Fun
Ty Fun booth

Bug and I tried Ty Fun when it first opened. I don't recall which two entrees we ate other than sharing a platter of pad thai, which is what we always do when we eat Thai food. The food was delicious, but a touch pricey.

What I do remember about the place is that it is meticulously kept, with nary a stray morsel of food. The space is small, wall-to-wall berber carpet, if I recall correctly, efficient layout, and decorated in very simple, solid colors - white, black, brown.

Tremont Scoops
Tremont Scoops

We wanted to bring Akemi, but decided against it. Most of the pictures were taken when the festival first started so there was actually room to sneeze without spraying anyone. As time passed, the streets became claustrophobic. Akemi's clean and dainty feet would have been trampled upon.

Believe me, you do not want to be the result of a shiba inu screaming in public. Go ahead, look it up...

Lemonade stand

I was enthralled with the little lemon tree. I've never seen a lemon tree, so this was surreal.


The show that was Fahrenheit. They were one of a few restaurants that cooked food as you stood in line, instead of serving out of pans. You were given a bit of entertainment and good food for a nominal price.

Fahrenheit Loaded
Fahrenheit POH-TAY-TOE

Poor guy, but cool gadget. The Loaded Chips at Fahrenheit were extremely popular. You could hear them yelling out, "Loaded!" almost every minute. He was constantly drilling away. The loaded chips toppings consisted of goat cheese, bacon, tomatoes, scallions, and sea salt.

Asterisk Gallery
Asterisk Gallery

- Cassaendra

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