Monday, July 13, 2009

Happy Together

I recently received a parcel from my father. Packed inside was a card from my stepbrother and his new wife, newly wed last month. :)

Happy Couple

I wasn't able to attend the ceremony, so they sent a picture. I'm glad my fun-loving, athletic, and a bit mischievous stepbrother has found someone with whom he can settle down!

A gift box of agar + fruits and anmitsu (sweetened azuki paste) was given to my father to forward to us.

Gift box
Gift box

The anmitsu came in 3 pieces -- a rigid plastic container for the agar, a packet of anmitsu, and another packet for the syrup. The agar was silky, instead of firm, which made this treat rather unusual. The anmitsu was squeezed from its packet, followed by the syrup.


I love lightly sweetened desserts. One drawback is that they are a bit too easy to eat just one more.

Cherry agar
Sour cherries in sweetened agar

The sour cherries were delicious chilled. For some reason, this made me crave condensed milk poured atop shaved ice with sweetened taro in the center.

Blueberry agar
Blueberries in sweetened agar

The blueberries were voluptuous. This was my favorite of the fruits.

Peach agar
A peach slice in sweetened agar

The peach tasted spiced, similar to the sweet ume below according to Bug.

Sweet plum agar
Sweet plum in sweetened agar

This was Bug's favorite. I thought it was going to be sour, so I snickered to myself and let him have it. Apparently, it wasn't sour. DOH!

What a treat! Doumo arigatou! And good luck to the new couple!

- Cassaendra

2 deep thoughts:

michael 15 July, 2009 03:07  

やきもち! 和菓子... I am glad you enjoyed them.

ーマイク より

SicklyBug and Cassaendra 16 July, 2009 11:32  

Hey Michael,

I would have shared, but by the time I would have mailed it out to you, the fruits would have borne fruit. :P

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