Wednesday, January 20, 2010


May she rest in peace

The last of our six ferrets was put down today. Mochi was a sprite with a penchant for Yoru's food. Meow Mix and her Marshall's diet was all she would eat. She would snort at everything else, our only ferret who wasn't a snack thief.

Mochi would play on the bed for hours without using the bathroom on it or wandering off, at least for a few years until she figured out the world under the bed. Her chirping and dancing always gave her location away.

We'll miss the little rascal.

- Cassaendra

3 deep thoughts:

Michael 21 January, 2010 01:04  

My condolences.


brenda 21 January, 2010 10:36  

I'm sorry to hear this sad news :( I always loved how you talked about the ferrets in guild chat, they seemed so clever :)

Cassaendra 22 January, 2010 12:27  

Thank you, Michael and Brenda~

Ferrets are such wonderful creatures because they are clever, have an insatiable well of curiosity and mischief, and a lot of energy all bundled up in a cute and innocent looking package. :)

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