Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Yoru Tiger
Year of the Tiger

Breakfast was Frosted Flakes.

I was still cooking the traditional Japanese New Year's Eve meal until this afternoon. I'll have to work on not procrastinating so much!

Maybe we'll watch Men Who Tread on Tiger's Tail tonight, a film directed by Kurosawa Akira about Minamoto Yoshitsune's escape north from his brother, Yoritomo, with his vassals.

We also greeted the New Year with a puppy yet to be named.

New Pup
Wiggle worm

He is an Australian cattle dog. I had forgotten how annoying puppies can be. Oy.

- Cassaendra

2 deep thoughts:

Michael 03 January, 2010 17:34  

わんわん might be a good name for the new dog...
ゴロ might be another choice for a name as well.

Happy New Year!


Cassaendra 08 January, 2010 07:22  

Hi Michael,

Happy New Year!

That's funny. I joked to Bug about naming him Wanwan, as well as Shiro, instead of Goro, and Unchi.

Juubei, still defiant, is learning his place in the chain of command.

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